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Cocktail menus

For more information and reservations please feel free to contact Manju on 2695920
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Cocktail Menu

Option 1
Cold Food: Choose 5 items
Hot food - 6 items
Desserts - 1
Rs 3500/-net  per person
Equipment chargers Rs.200/net per person
Action  -  1( supplementary)

Option 11
Cold Food -6 items
Hot Food - 8 items
Desserts    -2
Rs 3900/-net  per person
Equipment chargers Rs.200/net per person
Action - 1(supplementary - special cost)

Cold Canapés

Tandoori chicken on pizza bread
Smoke salmon on toast
Mozzarella chilli lemon crostini
Tomato or Mushroom bruschetta
Anti pasti skewers
Roasted peppers and confit of tomato
Smoked pepper beef and gherikns on toast
Chicken liver mousse
Asparagus pin wheel
Chou pastry  with salmon mousse
Egg plant roll with feta cheese
Filled egg halves
Roast beef wrapped with asparagus
Tortilla pin wheel (Chicken or vegetable)
Salmon mousse on crackers
Shrimp on toast
Marinatd crab meat on French bread
Smoked chicken
Cheese mousse on bread
Finger Sandwiches (Chicken. tuna, ham & cheese, Beef)

Hot Food

Batter fried fish  and tartar sauce
Mini chicken Kiev
Crab meat ball with lemon grass
Chicken  satay and peanut sauce
Mini cheese and spinach quiche
Chicken, Beef or fish patties
Sesame chicken strips
Sweet & sour Pork kebabs
Crumb fried chicken wings
Stuffed capsicum (Prawns, Bacon Onion)
Chicken croquettes with chili dip
Vegetables spring rolls
Fish balls with chili sauce
Sausage meat balls
Chicken curry puff
Mini pizza (chicken, cheese, vegetables)
Breaded mushroom
Samosa (vegetables or mutton)
Fish or chicken cutlet
Barbequed spicy pork ribs
Grilled seafood kebabs
Vol au Vent filled with lamb
Vegetable pakhora (with curd & green chilli)
Mini hamburger chicken or beef
Bockwurst wrapped with Bacon


Mini Brownies
Profiterole with chocolate sauce
Panna cotta in shot glass
Espresso coffee pudding with vanilla sauce
Mini fruit skewers with chocolate dip
SupplementaryAction Station
Battered prawns with salsa arora   Rs 600/- net per pax
Roasted leg of Lamb                     RS 550/-net per pax

Min 25 pax
Require 48 hrs advance notice
For more information please contact Manju on 2695920
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