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Buffet Menus

We offer a choice of 3 Menus – with a multiple choice of items from each category to compile
your own menu to suit your requirements and price.
We offer quality food and professional service.
Please contact Manju for more information on 2695920 or email

Menu - 01

Appetizer choose 02
Salad choose 02
Rice choose 01
Pasta/noodles choose 02
Fish choose 01
Chicken /Mutton/ Beef /Pork choose 02
Potato choose 01
Vegetables choose 02
Dessert choose   04
Rs.3795/++ per person
Min 25 pax
Require Min 24 hr advance notice
Equipment charges Rs 200 per person

Menu - 02

Appetizer choose 02
Salad choose 03
Rice choose 01
Pasta/noodles choose 02
Fish  choose 01
Chicken /Mutton/
Beef /Pork  choose 02
Prawns  choose 01
Potato  choose 01
Vegetables  choose 02
Dessert  choose  05
Rs. 4375 /++ per person
Min 25 pax
Require Min 48 hr advance notice
Equipment charges Rs 200 per person

Menu - 03

Appetizer  choose 03
Salad  choose 04
Rice  choose 01
Pasta/noodles choose 02
Fish  choose 01
Chicken /Mutton/ Beef /Pork  choose 02
Prawns  choose 01
Carvery (action cooking)  choose 01
Potato  choose 01
Vegetables  choose 03
Dessert  chose   06
Rs.4800/++ per person
Min 25 Pax
Require Min 48 hr advance notice
Equipment charges Rs 200 per person

Menu item list

Menu 1 & 2:    Choose 2 items
Menu 3:           Choose 3

Homemade chicken terrine with prunes
Honey glazed pork ham
Assorted cold cut with pickles & vegetables
Seafood terrine sweet lime dressing
Chicken liver pâté with fruit chutney
Whole baked fish with curry mayonnaise
Marinated roast beef with mustard
Squid stuffed with seafood mousse
Egg Mayonnaise with paprika
mortadella in aspic
Smoked beef with pickles
Smoked chicken sliced on roasted bell peppers and cranberry
Fish terrine in aspic

Menu 1:           Choose 2 items
Menu 2:           Choose 4: items
Menu 3:           Choose 4 items

Marinated grilled vegetables with balsamic & virgin oil
Cole slaw with raisin
Pasta salad with chicken, ham, cherry tomato, cheese & pesto
Seafood salad with black olives, tomato & basil
Fresh tomato, mozzarella & eggplant salad
Seasonal tossed spring salad
Ice berg with feta cheese & red apple
Green beans, tuna& boiled egg on a bed of lettuces
Italian beef salad
Shrimps and corn salad
Oven roasted chicken & pineapple salad with sesame
Greek salad
Caesar salad with chicken
Potato onion & bacon salad
Sliced poach fish with spicy Italian lemon dressing
Smoked chicken & mango salad with honey sesame
Mixed meat salad

All Menus: Choose 1 item
Steam rice
Pilaf Rice
Mongolian Chicken Rice
Savory rice
Saffron rice with fried onion & coriander
Mushroom & corn rice
Egg & vegetable rice
Buttered basmati rice
Nasi goreng (chicken & prawns)
Spanish paella (seafood or chicken)
Yellow rice with roasted nuts & plums

Pasta & Noodles
All Menus: Choose 2 items

Spaghetti aglio olio with mushroom & sun dried tomato
Linguine with assorted vegetable & arrabiatta sauce
Penne pepperoni arosti
Linguine frutti di mare
Spaghetti pollo cacciatore
Penne alla nostramo
Fussili with ham, cream & mushroom (chicken)
Penne with arrabiatta sauce

Fried noodles
Seafood mee  hoon
Spicy stir fried vegetables & egg noodles

All Menus: Choose 2 items

Chicken parmagiana
Chicken piccata with tomato coulis
Honey lemon roast chicken with sweet chili sauce
Garlic & chili marinated crumb fried chicken
Tandoori chicken
Chicken lasagna
Marinated grilled chicken with red wine sauce
Herb crust roast chicken with roast pepper gravy
Chicken masala
Chicken korma
Chilli chicken
Lemongrass Chicken
Chicken Cacciatore
Stir fried chicken with cashew and dry chilli
Butter chicken
Chicken Scallopini

Mutton / lamb
Mutton rogan josh
Mutton smore
Mutton khorma
Red mutton curry
Moroccan mutton with cous cous
Mutton Pepper Badun
Braised lamb shoulder chop in red wine
Mince mutton lasagna

Honey glazed roast leg of pork
Marinated grilled pork chop with mustard & pepper sauce
Pork spare- ribs with BBQ sauce
Sweet & sour pork
Honey glazed pork ham with mustard sauce
Pork Mustard stew
Stir fried Pork with pepper
Gammon steak with honey mustard sauce
Marinated grilled pork loin with hot pepper sauce
Breaded pork escalopine

Beef lasagna
Roasted beef loin with red wine & shallot sauce
Grilled mint steak Madagascar
Sliced Beef stew
Beef stroganoff
Hungarian beef goulash

Menu 2 &3 only: Choose 1 item

Sautéed prawns with garlic lemon butter sauce
Batter fried prawns with hot garlic sauce
Sweet & sour prawns
Prawn tikka masala

Carvery & Live Cooking
Menu 3 only: Choose 1 item

Roast leg of lamb
Honey glazed mustard pork
Spinach ravioli
Shrimp ravioli
Duck ravioli

Fish & Seafood
All Menus: choose 1 item

Grilled fish with hot garlic sauce
Batter fried fish with garlic mayonnaise
Seafood lasagna
Pan freed red mullet with gherkins & capers with lemon & white wine sauce
Crumb fried fish with salsa arora
Grilled seafood skewers
Red masala fish
Sweet & sour chili fish & spring onion
Marinated grilled sear fish with garlic lemon butter sauce
Seafood thermidor
Fried calamari in hot garlic sauce
Mustard fish with capsicum and onions

All Menus: Choose 1

Herb crusted roast potato
Sautéed potato with fried onion
Parsley potato
Potato au gratin
Potato Florentine
Honey glazed roast potato
Potato croquette
Fried potato wedges
Savory potato

Menu 1,2:  Choose 2 items
Menu 3: Choose 3 items

Vegetable lasagna
Vegetable au gratin
Sautéed vegetable with fresh herbs
Vegetable moussaka
Sautéed spinach & mushroom

Menu 1: Choose Fruit and 3 desert items
Menu 2: Choose Fruit and 4 dessert  items
Menu 3: Choose Fruit and 5 dessert items
Assorted fresh fruits platter
Lemon cheese cake
Assorted French pastry
Chocolate mousse pudding
Warm chocolate bread pudding
Black forest gateau
Mixed berry meringue
Mango mousse with raspberry sauce
Cointreu cream caramel
Mango & passion fruit bavarois with cream anglaise
Fruit trifle
Pineapple & mango strudel
Espresso coffee pudding with vanilla sauce
Coffee Chocolate biscuit pudding
Mocha coffee mousse
Warm date pudding
Crème Brule
Croquet bouche
Chocolate mud pie
Charlot royal
Milk chocolate Swiss rolls

Please contact Manju for information on 2695920

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